Technology and R&D
Technology & Application
Innovation-driven and Experience-based
ALD R&D Institution
We have more than 500 scientists and engineers in the R&D team, investing more than 8% of annual revenue for R&D. A large amount of talent investment, covering all fields of this industry, has substantially enhanced our R&D strength and process. It could provide our clients with the most cutting-edge and reliable technical support.
  • 500+
    Independent Research Team of 500+ Scientists
  • 8%
    Annual Revenue as R&D Investment
  • 1500+
    Global Patents
  • 7
    Years of Average Research Experience
Research Process
We have an R&D team of over 250 scientists and engineers for independent research, including more than ten doctors with high academic levels and strong scientific research abilities. ALD attaches great importance to technology development and innovation. The annual investment in R&D accounts for over 8% of the total revenue, covering all relevant fields in atomization.
  • 1
    New Ideas and New Concepts
  • 2
    Feasibility and Technology Study
  • 3
    Technology Verification and New Technology Introduction
  • 4
    New Product Introduction
  • 5
    New Product Development
  • 6
    Mass Production of a New Product
Patent Achievements
ALD has made extensive achievements in the field of electronic atomization technology. We have fully realized the mass production of heating elements using cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing and created powerful technology brands iCot® and MICROFEEL®. Our research results have been widely adopted in product development, design, manufacturing, and testing.
Since establishing the postdoctoral workstation in 2012, ALD has successively established cooperation with well-known universities and research institutions in China.
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