More Than Pure
SILMO®, an electronic atomization technology with independent intellectual property rights owned by ALD, has tackled the technical bottleneck of the industry through the introduction of advanced cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing technology into vaping industry.SILMO®  improves users' vaping experience and advances the development of vaping industry.
Original & Ultimate Taste
Benefited from a unique structure design, SILMO® enjoys multiple advantages——fast oil conducting, large contact surface with e-liquid, controllable heating distribution, and heating uniformity.With SILMO®, we offer you the purest and the most authentic vaping experience you ever want.
Original & Ultimate Taste

Compared to the cotton & fiber coil used in ordinary vaping devices, SILMO® adopts the newest cellular ceramic material which can withstand a high temperature, keep e-liquid away from cotton or chemical fiber, and eliminate the volatilization of harmful substances.

With a precise design of heating elements, SILMO® can always maintain a stable temperature. The structure of no welding frees SILMO® from pollution in welding processes. It keeps E-liquids pure and stable at storage and produces natural and rich puffs during usage.

High Consistency & Stability

With advanced cellular ceramic material, SILMO® can be massively shaped, printed and cut, realizes fully automated production. Utilizing contact and conductive structure design, SILMO® does not require artificially welding.

SILMO® adopts modular design to ensure the high consistency and stability of the heating coil. 

SILMO® is not just a vaping technology, but also represents our mission--to be the leading force of the vaping industry in a sustainable way
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