Revolutionary Electronic Conductive Ceramic Material Heating Element Solution
ECC™(Electrically Conductive Ceramic) is a revolutionary atomization solution for THP devices developed by ALD independently. It is a combination of composite material technology and powder metallurgy technology, guaranteeing the excellent performance of the core heating element in overall conductive heating and infrared heating. ECC also renders great improvement in physical strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which comes as the perfect solution for resistance & infrared dual heating of HNB atomization products.
  • High Flavor Restoration
  • Independent Intellectual Property Rights
  • Customized Design
  • Long Lifetime and High Consistency
Innovative and Unique Structure Design
Resistance & infrared dual heating, innovative airflow tube, multi-layered thermal insulation structure ensure extremely fast heating and uniform temperature distribution.
The residue left on the heating plate was burnt through high temperatures to keep the plate clean for a long time.
Breakthrough Achievements in Patent
ECC™ owned 21 technology patents in 9 innovative categories. All details are strictly controlled with tens of thousands of experiments, verification, and evaluation.
categories of technological innovation
Technical patents
Accumulated Experience in HNB Products
Since 2015, we have conducted various product research in HNB to verify the feasibility and practicality of the technology.
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