The Next-generation Cotton-based Vaporization Module.
iCot® is ALD's breakthrough heating technology, which combines the technical advantages of ceramic and cotton materials. Our technology guarantees high product quality and provides consistent nicotine delivery from the first to the last puff. We achieve this by introducing a modular structural design similar to ceramic cores, which facilitates automated production and eliminates assembly errors.
Innovative and Unique Structure Design
ALD takes thermal engineering seriously, optimizing the shape of the heating wire, coupled with power control and anti-dry burn technology to achieve ideal temperature distribution. By combining multiple high technologies, our products minimize paste build-ups and crackling, while greatly extending the product life span. So iCot® delivers excellent flavors and produce dense clouds.
  • Temperature Control
  • Anti-drying
  • Active Life
Superior Flavor
The iCot® solution retains the dense persistence of the traditional cotton atomizing core, ensuring excellent atomization and providing a dense, high-consistency atomization experience.
High Safety
We have set up several performance tests and strictly control the processes of material inspection, assembly line inspection and finished product inspection to ensure the high quality of our products.
Efficiency Productions
The iCot® module allows further optimization of the shape and size of the heating wire for faster automated production.
iCot® Solution
The Next-Generation Cotton-based Coil for Vaping Pods.
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