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ALD's High-end Cyber Security
Aug 15,2022

Cyber security is necessary for most enterprises as their network systems contain sensitive and valuable data. Information confidentiality and integrity are critical in maintaining an organization's legal compliance, effectiveness, competitiveness, and overall business reputation, and protecting it against malicious activity from competitor businesses. Let's take a look into the top-end cyber security systems and maintenance in place at ALD.

1. Employee Cyber Security Awareness-raising Training

ALD has implemented a series of employee training sessions to ensure their awareness of daily information security. The curriculum includes modules on securing their devices and network, identifying e-mail fraud, handling sensitive information correctly, and more. This practical and pragmatic security awareness training helps employees understand the proper way to operate the information system and the security risks associated with their actions and identify cyberattacks they may encounter during their daily operations. It is a strategy implemented by the IT center to prevent and reduce risk when handling an organization's information security while protecting the client's privacy.

2. Continuous Enhancement of IT Management Systems

As the 2019 Deloitte and MAPI Smart Factory Study reveals, many manufacturers have not equipped themselves with mature cyber systems to protect against the many and substantial new threats and vulnerabilities that digital technology creates. For instance, at midnight on August 3, 2018, the factory and operation center of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC) was hit by a computer virus that shut down production lines. A few hours later, another manufacturer's bases suffered similarly; this cyber attack caused over 33,282,860 USD of economic loss.

Learning from the experience of this severe incident, ALD consulted with professional software and hardware physical security company and successfully built a Platform for Operation Security Assurance (POSA). Specifically, it is a comprehensive platform comprising complete, integrated IT resource management, security information operations, and administration. The POSA can immediately identify and clear the newest computer virus and provide 24/7 security monitoring for the whole digital environment, including office workplaces, manufacturing bases, testing lab centers, automatic production lines, and so on. In addition, ALD has installed an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system to launch in the case of such incidents as electricity breaks resulting in network breakdown.

3. Third-party Vendor Risk Management

Third-Party Risk is another issue that most enterprises easily neglect. This concerns the potential threat to customer data, financial information, and operations of third-party suppliers and outside parties that provide products or services and access specific company systems. To enhance cyber security impeccably, ALD strictly undertakes our due diligence when collaborating with a third-party supplier, ensuring they have adequate information security policies and continuing to monitor that these standards are upheld when handling their valuable data.

Protecting the company's cyber security and keeping the organization and client data secure is fundamental to a company's strength and growth. Therefore, ALD is committed to continuously upgrading our IT security systems to prevent all cyber threats from the outside and ensure our intelligent manufacturing operations continue efficiently.


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