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ALD's Efforts to Provide the Best Taste and Vaping Satisfaction
Jul 28,2022

1. Continuous Innovation Research

ALD is committed to providing vapers with the best inhalation experience, and has built a comprehensive research institute continuously devoted to technology innovation in this field. Areas of research include materials science, heat transmission, electronic engineering, toxicology and more. This well-rounded scientific research approach gives complete support to each step of the atomization mechanism. For instance, condensate deposition is a known pain point for vaping, resulting in a long-lasting terrible taste. ALD's research institute has delved into fluid mechanics, developing ways to improve airway structure design in order to prevent noise and condensate generated during inhalation. Such efforts are taken ultimately to enhance vapers’ experience and satisfaction.

2. Improvements to Coil Technology for Enhanced Nicotine Satisfaction

Since the PMTA regulations came into force a few years ago, the United States authorities have gradually shown their intention to ban fruit- and mint-flavor e-cig products appearing in the tobacco market. As a result, the mainstream vaping market began to focus far more on nicotine-flavor e-cig device. In response to this specific demand, ALD is committed to improving nicotine efficiency to meet nicotine satisfaction needs while preventing excessive intake of nicotine.

To achieve a stable, pure-tasting vaping aerosol, ALD has worked to enhance atomizing coil technology, focusing specifically on the porosity of coils, which impacts the size of vaping aerosol particles. Our research and development show that coils with exact, consistent porosity produce aerosol particles of a precise and consistent size, improving the efficiency of nicotine transmission, leading to better absorption by users. In this way, users can obtain the best nicotine satisfaction without excessive intake.

3. Upgrading ALD Professional Taste and Flavor Evaluation System Platform

ALD has upgraded its professional taste and flavor evaluation system platform in order to improve the vapor tastes and flavors of every product. In detail, this evaluation system categorizes vapor taste into several distinct dimensions, such as aerosolized amount, aroma, sweetness, amplitude, and nicotine satisfaction. For example, when the evaluation staff conduct the taste activity, they use a variety of specific words to describe the aroma, such as rich, fresh, mellowy, monotonous, musty, floral, and so on. Each member of the evaluation team eventually gives a complete and specific taste and flavor description of each new product; finally, all the descriptions are recorded as a professional report stored in the flavor modulation database to support subsequent studies and research.

With such detailed and specific evaluations required, the standards for the flavor evaluation team members are high. They must possess nicotine endurance ability, professional tobacco knowledge, sharp sensation, and a decent lifestyle. These essential qualities determine who can become a member of ALD's professional and expert taste and flavor evaluation team.

As a leading vaping hardware solution provider, ALD has prioritized user experience. It has built special expert teams for flavor modulation mechanisms, with such investments demonstrating the company's competitive edge in a high-tech and quickly evolving industry.

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