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The Secrets Behind ALD’s High Cotton Coil Standards
Oct 21,2022

The primary basis for creating a good cotton coil-based product lies in the scientific choice of cotton fiber material. ALD’s Research Institute has carried out long-term and in-depth scientific research in this area. The study found that not all cotton fiber material can be used for the production of electronic atomizer cotton coils; excellent cotton fibers are required to have the following characteristics.

Large Fibrous Central Cavity

The cross-section of mature and healthy cotton fibers is an irregular round shape with a central cavity. The larger middle cavities can maintain good oiliness and store more atomized liquid as well as lock it firmly into the coil, which reduces the probability of leakage.

Dense Grooves on the Fiber Side

Cotton fibers usually feature a natural twist, with grooves forming on the side as the direction of the spiral change along the fiber’s length.

Cotton fibers with dense side grooves have a good capillary climbing rate and good oil conductivity, which allows for the continuous introduction of the atomizer liquid into the vicinity of the heating wire. This enables effective ingredients to be efficiently transmitted and avoids dry-burn issues.

High-temperature Resistance

Cotton fibers can demonstrate different levels of temperature resistance, due to differences in varieties, areas of origin, ingredients, and processing. High-quality cotton fibers have the ability to keep their performance unchanged under high temperatures, and effectively overcome the primary pain points of burnt coils and severe taste decay. This ability can greatly improve the consistency of the vapor taste, and extend the life span of the product.

Purity of Cotton Fiber

Fiber cleanliness is another crucial factor in the optimization of cotton fibers. Pure cotton fibers can avoid a burnt taste, as this is often caused by uneven heating due to inconsistent material performance. Hence, the aerosol taste and the vaping experience are more consistent with pure cotton fibers; the source of materials is safe and controllable, avoiding the creation of harmful substances, and also fewer risks of problems such as powder falling.

The ALD Research Institute has conducted extensive research into numerous fiber materials, with high-precision testing and user experience tracking on capillary coil absorption, oil holding capacity, and temperature resistance. Based on the research, a database was established to compare the characteristics of 6 distinct material categories including cotton fiber, hemp particles, cellulose compounds, organic vegetable-based fabric, and others. This provides the basis for making informed, targeted materials selections for good user experiences, ultimately leading to better quality products.

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