MICROFEEL™ is the second atomization technology brand officially 
launched by ALD. As another major breakthrough in the field of 
microporous ceramic heating element, MICROFEEL™ adopts 
special new ceramic materials in traditional " embedded in hollow
 cylinder " ceramic cores. It greatly reduces the heat loss of ceramic 
heating body, improves the speed and amount of smoke and the 
exquisite level of mouth feeling on the basis of ensuring excellent
 performance of guiding and locking oil.

MICROFEEL™ carries the mission of “atomizing everything”. 
This technology can not only atomize Nicotine salt E-liquid,
 but also atomize other liquids perfectly such as CBD oil with 
high viscosity, and also has the possibility of atomizing other
 substances. MICROFEEL™ makes atomization and
 applications more diverse to match more personalized needs.

About Microfeel 2.0

With the extreme ceramic porosity, Microfeel 2.0 realize defficient oil guiding which improves the taste instantly.
Different from traditional atomizer, Microfeel 2.0 adopts special black ceramic to reduce the heat loss in atomizing 

area to the greatest extent, which achieves the millisecond level atomizing speed for bringing you a comfortable 
vaping experience. 

Efficient Oil Guiding and Instantly Vaporing

With the extreme ceramic porosity, Microfeel 2.0 realized 
efficient oil guiding which improves the taste instantly. 
Different from traditional atomizer, Microfeel 2.0 adopts
 special black ceramic to reduce the heat loss in atomizing
 area to the greatest extent, which achieves the millisecond
 level atomizing speed for bringing you a comfortable vaping 

Soft and Rich Puffs

The Microfeel 2.0 is made of black ceramic material, which is super resistant to high temperature and impurities. The ceramic is composed of thousands of honeycomb units, in which liquid can flow evenly and quickly and finally achieve a pure natural atomization experience.

Original Taste and Maximum Satisfaction

It greatly improves the taste that the ceramic porosity reached 65%, which achieves efficient oil guiding. Microfeel 2.0 atomizes all kinds of liquid instantly into a strong soft vapor, brings you a really satisfying feeling. 

Guard Against Leakage of E-Liquid

Unique ceramic formula has a strong oil locking performance on firmly locking each drop of oil. Products with Microfeel 2.0 inside possess a quadruple leak-proof structure and optimized airway design. No oil leakage is allowed, Microfeel 2.0 creates a top level of reassuring atomization experience.