- ALD Lab -

ALD Lab was established by ALD in 2015, Shenzhen, China, composed by basic science research center, technology R&D center and high-end testing laboratory center and over 200 senior engineers. ALD Lab adopts efficient matrix integrating research and development system.


Its research covers many fields such as polymer materials, nanomaterials, superconducting materials, advanced ceramics, fluid analysis, thermal field analysis, aerosol analysis, intelligent temperature control, intelligent identification, intelligent sensing, quick charging and ergonomics. ALD Lab has arranged trademark layout in more than 10 countries and areas and also applied for more than 200 core patents at home and abroad.


Over the years, ALD laboratory has been diligently carrying out technical innovation of electronic atomization and research of new products. In March 2019, it launched the latest SILMO™ electronic atomization technology, breaking through the bottleneck of atomization technology that has plagued the industry for many years. Adopting brand new material, structure, and craft, SILMO™ brings us a brand new atomization experience. Meanwhile, it takes the lead to realize the automatic production of heating element, which significantly improves the consistency and stability of heating element.


Relying on ALD ‘s highest standards of manufacturing services the industry, ALD Lab was constructed in 2018 with over one-million-yuan investment into six labs-CMF Lab, Three-D Lab, Ceramic Analysis Lab, Material Lab, Electronic Lab and Chemistry Lab. Attaching great importance to the introduction of high-end human resources and high-end hardware construction, ALD Lab introduce 20 high-tech researchers and more than 50 advanced sets of instruments and equipment, which cover heating materials, ceramic materials, heating cotton, structural design, electronics, surface technology and other fields.