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SEVIA Held FDA Deeming Regulations Conference in Shenzhen

Time:2018-09-20 Views:96
SEVIA Held FDA Deeming Regulations Conference in Shenzhen

On September 3rd, SEVIA (Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association) held a conference in Shenzhen, the heart of electronic cigarette industry, to discuss the FDA deeming regulations and the latest status of the lawsuit that SEVIA USA financially supported. 

Dimitris Agrafiotis, the Chairman of SEVIA USA and an activist in the electronic cigarette industry, explained SEVIA USA’s accomplishment so far and the challenges that lay ahead. Dimitris has very kindly provided the PowerPoint presentation that was given at the meeting for your review.

The presentation covers important topics including SEVIA financing, VTA/AVA/CASAA, guidance to manufacturers/distributors/shop owners, information about the second lawsuit filed and much more. 

Azim Chowdhury, partner of Keller and Heckman LLP at Washington office and expert of FDA regulations, explained the latest interpretation of the FDA deeming regulations from legal point of view. 

Mr. Chowdhury reviewed lawsuits against FDA in the past, which shaped the e-cig industry, and how the e-cig industry came under the control of the FDA. From a legal point of view he explained where FDA is violating laws with their deeming regulations and Azim also brought us up to date with the latest status of the lawsuit that SEVIA USA has financially supported.

Dan, a representative of the vape shops in the US, gave a moving speech about the serious situation facing businesses in the United States and how all of us must work together in order for vaping to survive.

ALD GROUP is proud to be a founding company and leader in electronic cigarette technology research and development and the promotion of vaping advocacy and awareness. In these critical times we will continue to fully support SEVIA USA, the VTA, CASAA and other organizations and individuals who have taken up the fight against unlawful and harmful electronic cigarette regulations in the United States of America.

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